Sexual Positions To Spice Things Up

Have you ever been in bed with your significant other and things seemed to fizzle rather than sizzle? Even couples who are madly in love can experience this rut in the bedroom. One way to keep the romance and excitement even in a long term relationship can also be one of the most fun. Move around, switch up your positions, and find fun ways to stimulate each other outside your normal bag of tricks.

A popular way to change up from missionary position is for the woman to climb on top. With the man lying on his back, his partner is able to sit down on him, straddling his hips. From there, the possibilities are endless. She can hold herself up by placing her hands on his thighs, knees or chest. She can use her arms to hold her hair up, giving her man quite the show. She will be completely in control of speed and depth of penetration, increasing her chances of orgasm, while all her bouncing and lack of control is exciting for many men.

If you already use that position, one way to change things up is for the woman to rotate herself 90 degrees. Getting her legs in the right position to be comfortable will take some practice, but a little practice never hurt anyone. The benefit of simply turning her body will be wonderful. Wiggling around will allow her to be stimulated in different areas while she is still in control, which can cause explosive results.

If you are heading for a hot quickie, getting your girl to orgasm can be nearly impossible. If you know a position that will almost guarantee her getting to finish it has the potential to be the new favorite. Have her lay down on her tummy, with a pillow tucked up under her hips. This will give you the best angle to go at it. With all the skin contact things can get quite sweaty, but the intense stimulation will be well worth taking the extra shower.

While not the most intimate position, if you are looking for prime g-spot stimulation, the doggie style position is a must. Most men find this animalistic approach to be very exciting. If you are hesitant about being on all fours for your man, have him kneel behind you and sit yourself back on him. The hardest part about this position will be keeping the same rhythm.

The only thing that should be keeping your from the sex life of your dreams is your imagination. As long as both of you are comfortable, you should be willing to try anything you can think of. Some will work out and become part of your go-to positions. Others will be learning experiences that you and your partner can laugh about and move on from.